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Schuler Model MS1050

Vertical Twin Auger
Pull Type Mixer
Model MS1050

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- Single speed or 2-speed gearbox.
- 1000 PTO reliable planetary auger drive.
- Auger drive includes integral planetary bearing tower design with flange drive resulting in the strongest support for the auger when mixing large round bales.
- Constant velocity tractor driveline (standard) permits mixing on the go.
- Platform standard. Easy to inspect mixer chamber and augers before loading with mixer not running.
- Heavy duty jack standard.
- Optional rubber top extensions to increase hay volume capacity.


Mixing Capacity:
      no extensions .............1050 cu ft1
      with rubber extensions ................ 1155 cu ft1
Loading Height:
      no extensions ..................123”*
      with rubber extensions .............. 130”*
      Overall Height, no extensions ............. 123”*
Front Discharge Height:
      with folding bunk extension, low,
      no magnets .................... 39”**
      folding bunk extension, high,
      no magnets ................ 56”**
      (flat) only, no magnets .................. 39”**
Overall Length:
      front discharge and no rear door ............... 300”
Overall Width:
      mixer, w/front discharge and
      folding bunk ext., up, no magnets ................118”**
      mixer, w/front discharge and folding
      bunk ext., down, no magnets ...................... 132”**
Weight (lbs.) w/front discharge:
      and folding bunk extension ............... 20,600


*Measurements approx. with standard 22.5”” wheels and tires, 18” drawbar height.

**Magnets add 12” to length and reduce ground clearance at bottom of spout by 10”

***Rear discharge door option, add 12”

‡ Rear discharge door option, add 10”

1 Mixing capacity arrived at by taking “As Fed” feed samples in a cubic foot box, weighing each sample, then dividing cubic foot weight into the total weight of feed in the mixer. For reference, dairy rations sampled weighed from 20 lbs. to 23 lbs. a cubic foot

Schuler Mfg. & Equip Co. reserves the right to make changes to specs without notice.

Pictured: Schuler MS1050 with APM Conveyor and APM Steerable Tandem Axles
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steerable axle on machine


Pictured below:
Regular Schuler MS1050

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1. With each revolution of the augers, feedstuffs are pulled out of the opposite auger chamber, positively creating exchange of feedstuffs between the augers. Overlapping augers also speed up the cleanout of feedstuffs at the end of a batch. The rear auger can easily feed the front auger and the discharge door because of the overlap feature. Also, baffles between augers are small as a result of the overlapping design. Large baffles slow cleanout and restrict end-to-end feed mixing.

2. Directional baffles between the augers are uniquely designed to produce end-to-end feed movement by
being offset from the centerline of the mixing tub. The RH baffle center edge is closer to the front auger and the LH baffle center edge is closer to the rear auger. Because the baffles are offset, feedstuffs quickly transfer over the perpendicular center edge of the baffle when the mixer is being loaded while mixing, creating feed transfer between the adjacent augers which is essential for consistent mixing.

3. Tri-pulse legs on both augers enhance mixing and clean out.

4. Replaceable edge deflector pulls feedstuffs from the mixer sidewalls to load the center of the auger and
reduce mixing time.

5. Variable pitch auger flighting reduces horsepower robbing feed drag between the flights. Flighting is 5/8” thick, AR200 steel.

6. Mixer chamber sides are 1/4” thick. Mixer floor is 3/4” thick. Sides are AR200 steel.


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